Saturday, March 17, 2007

wine of the week - killer new pinot

So for the first ever rockroom wine of the week (aka wow) here's a doozy. Zepaltas Suacci vineyard pinot noir. Loaded with bright fruit and silky texture this wine has a lingering finish that really shows the complexity possible with Sonoma Coast pinot noir grapes. Never heard of Zepaltas? He (Ryan) is the right hand dude at Siduri. And his photo is in the 3-31 wine spectator. And his first wine released under his own label - 2005 La Cruz pinot scored a WS 95. Move fast to get this wine at $48 plus shipping. Ryan tells me the La Cruz is sold out but call me crazy I like the Suacci better anyway.

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walkie talkie austin said...

you could rename the Suacci "love potion #9" - amazing wine. To me its Rockroom's Hein Pinot's only competition...sez Kala