Monday, November 10, 2008

WOW - Malbec Tasting

Hard to say there was a clear favorite as we gathered for a malbec tasting. Most of the wines were from Argentina with a couple of French Cahors thrown in for variety. All wines were dense, dark and pretty tannic and benefitted from pairing with food: good with flavorful chorizo or an empanada. Flavors ranged from simple bold fruit to vegetal and herbal with fennel, mint, asparagus, and even spinach. In some wines the most pleasant aromas came from the oak. Overall verdict: blend this stuff! It adds interesting depth, color and tannin structure to a blend but on it's own can be a bit chunky and one-dimensional. Having said that, if grilled meat is on the menu these wines can be a great value as most are under $25 retail. Makes one wonder if the rockroom co-op should try our hand at a malbec or malbec-driven blend!? Maybe in 2009...

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