Sunday, April 15, 2007

w.o.w. - cheap date

This week we offer some relief from the pricey and unavailable. Not that there is anything wrong with being pricey and unavailable, after all those are qualities that many work hard to achieve. We just don't like such qualities in others. People or wine really. Or maybe we want others to think that we think pricey and unavailable is just dandy and our kind of thing as long as we can get the pricey and unavailable quite easily at a steep discount. So let's act like this lovely Spanish white wine from Oro Penedes Hill is just that. After all, it is an exotic blend of Muscat, Xarel-lo, Macebo and Parellada grapes from the Penedes region (an area near Barcelona mostly known for bubbly called "cava" made from these same grapes). Certainly not boring with its interesting muscat-driven muskyness. In fact, Central Market in Austin has Chilean muscat grapes on the shelf (see photo above) and they are some of the tastiest grapes you will ever find. Nice with this wine as you will really get what muscat is all about. And not sweet by the way, like an Italian moscato or Texas muscat canelli. No, this wine is dry but loaded with floral and fruit aromas a flavors. And only about $10. I found it at HEB in Hyde Park. Pricey and unavailable around the corner. At a steep discount.