Sunday, April 29, 2007

w.o.w. - Hannibal Lecter recommends...

Readers of Silence of the Lambs might have gotten their introduction to Amarone from that book, but did anyone run out and buy one? I know- you didn't have any fava beans around the house anyway, so why bother. Well here is your chance - this 2001 Amarone from Zenato is a classic - deep color and rich flavors of chocolate covered cherries, raisins and licorice. Really, really big red wine to pair with a full-flavored meal. We took advantage of a recent cool spell to match this wine with some yummy curried beef. Outta sight. Look to spend about 50 bucks on this wine at Spec's in Austin or Houston. Also Cova in Houston is featuring it - ask for Danny and he will be glad to pop one open for you.

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