Sunday, April 01, 2007

wow its a burgundy

Ok, so you won't often see a w.o.w. recommendation from Burgundy as I think it is hard to find really exceptional Burgundies 'round these parts at reasonable prices. That said, this weekend rockroom hosted two "Wines of Burgundy" fundraiser tastings for Jessie's school and in the mix was a wine worthy of w.o.w. The 2003 Faiveley "Clos du Roy" is big for pinot noir with solid tannins (maybe due to the French heat wave of 2003?) that easily held up in the face of some chunky county-style pate' and blue-cheese stuffed mushrooms. Lots of complex flavors with smoky, spicy aromas, a dose of that French "barnyard funk" but also a solid dollop of good fruit (cherry?) flavors. Seems worthy of its Premier Cru status (which only about 11% of Burgundies get) yet a reasonable value at $34 from Austin Wine Merchant. Might be because the wine comes from the village of Mercurey which is in Burgundy's Chalonnaise subregion - south of the highbrow Cote D'Or sweet spot of Burgundy. Anyway, whatever the reason, it is a really solid wine o' the week.