Sunday, April 08, 2007

wow - Miles would NOT approve

Well drinking through a few wines this week I just did not have one that was up to snuff for wine of the week. Therefore, a detour...

For those of you who saw the movie Sideways, remember when the tasting room guy asked Miles if he liked the cabernet franc he was sipping? He wrinkled his nose and dumped the glass in the spit bucket, dismissing cab francs in general for making bad wines. Of course at the end of the movie he sips his precious 61 Cheval Blanc from a styrofoam cup, I guess not realizing it is a blend of cab franc and merlot - the two grapes he trashes in the movie. Great case in point of a wine snob that does not know what he is talking about. Very common. Which is why the safe strategy is to never categorically dismiss any wine as you might be surprised at what you like. OK, so my rambling gets me to the point that I popped the cork on a 2004 rockroom cabernet franc and it is tasting really nice. It does have some of those herbal, earthy even veggie aromas that I guess Miles hates, but they come together in a way that is, well, almost pinot-like. Between that and its light color and soft tannins, this wine really made me think about pinot noir! Although I must admit that just about everything makes me think about pinot noir! Including wines that make me think - "man I wish I could dump this crap and have some pinot noir!" So where can you find some of this lovely cab franc? Well, only in the rockroom. Price? - sorry, like our other Austin-made wines it is not for sale, but it is certainly available for tasting. Just come by and say the word!